Basema Roubi

Basema Roubi is presently Patient Business Services Office Leader at the American Hospital in Dubai – one of the best known and most highly regarded private hospitals in the UAE and GCC region. Here, Basema reflects on her recent participation in IHLM’s Certificate in Healthcare Leadership and Management.

What are you current management challenges?

One of the main challenges we face at the American Hospital, Dubai – and especially in the finance and patient servicing departments – is that patients come to our hospital with extremely high expectations because they are coming to a private hospital that is well known within the UAE and the GCC region. So the challenge for us is to meet patient expectations by serving them in the best way possible.

Have you found this week’s course useful?

During my participation in this course, which I found is very important for professionals and managers who work in the health sector, I think that it is important to take what we have learned from this course and apply it to our everyday processes.

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