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IHLM work in partnership with healthcare organisations of all sizes, in both the public and private sectors, to design and deliver learning solutions that are tailored to their unique needs and have a measurable impact on the outcomes that matter to them.

Why Choose a Customised Course or Programme?

Customised courses and programmes take place whenever and wherever our client organisations choose – frequently combining in-person and online learning.  Working backwards from the specific outcomes that our clients are focusing on, we define the teams, departments or professional groups that need to be targeted and identify the skills, knowledge and capabilities they will need in order achieve success.

This enables us to align the learning and development of a healthcare organisation’s people with the strategic goals the organisation is striving to achieve: whether it is improving the quality and safety of patient care, planning new projects, or preparing the next generation of leaders.

Most participants find the process of discussing, reflecting, and experimenting in the ‘safe space’ of an IHLM course to be a truly cathartic experience: a rare opportunity to reflect, review and rethink, liberated from workplace pressures and with the freedom to debate and resolve issues openly and productively.


Our customised courses and programmes are delivered by expert faculty whose background and expertise makes them ideally suited to researching and teaching in healthcare organisations. They all have extensive experience gained in senior healthcare leadership roles around the world and are skilled teachers, coaches and facilitators.

Best Learning Practices

Every IHLM course provides insights, analysis, frameworks and management models that will empower healthcare leaders to transform both their own performance and that of their team, unit or organisation.  Everything – from the course materials to the interactive case studies and collaborative exercises – is designed to maximise the impact and effectiveness of participants’ learning.  All our courses and programmes combine in-person and digital learning that is accessed via our website.

Measuring Return On Investment

A customised course is an important investment that must deliver value.  IHLM uses a variety of mechanisms – including participant feedback, interviews and work-based projects – to evaluate the impact of a course and to review, where necessary, the effectiveness its content and teaching methods in achieving the required learning outcomes.

Customised Structures and Durations

While many client organisations require courses ranging from just three to five days, some require programmes containing multiple courses delivered across a number of months or years. Programmes containing multiple courses are often designed to enable participants to undertake work-based projects through which they are able to apply their learning back in their workplace and then return to the classroom to share and reflect on their experiences. When combined with assessed projects or assignments, multi-course programmes can often lead to the award of a recognised, regulated qualification.


Patient Experience and Service Excellence

IHLM’s popular course on Patient Experience and Service Excellence is for progressive healthcare providers and professionals who want to design and deliver more person-centred, compassionate and responsive care.

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