Mohammad Al Masalha

A lawyer by training, Mohammad Al Masalha recently took on an important role in his family’s private hospital: Al Essra Hospital in Amman, Jordan. When he enrolled onto IHLM’s Healthcare Mini MBA, Mohammad was hoping to gain valuable insights into what makes healthcare enterprises successful. Here he shares some highlights from the course and discusses how he plans to use his learning.

Coming from outside of healthcare, how did you find the course?

I found myself learning a lot from other members of the programme. When I came here I found myself the youngest among them, so I thought that I need to sit with them and learn from each one’s experience – including the instructors, of course. So it was really amazing for me, the diverse backgrounds each one is coming from.

What sort of impact has the course had on you?

I believe that I will be much more influential at Al Essra Hospital, especially because this will be the first training programme that I complete in the field of healthcare services and healthcare management. I also believe that this is only the beginning. I will reflect everything I have learned back onto my organisation where I aim to train our team of healthcare professionals and managers using the knowledge I have gained through this programme.

Would you recommend an IHLM course?

Yes. In the near future I would definitely take another course with IHLM.

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