IHLM Announces New Strategic Partnership with THE Institute

IHLM is delighted to announce a new collaboration with THE Institute: an international and independent non-profit organisation that provides education and other knowledge-transfer services to healthcare providers and systems.

The partnership with THE Institute will broaden access to IHLM’s courses and programmes, enabling us to reach an even larger audience of healthcare professionals and executives in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It will also make our programmes available for the first time in the Benelux market of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, as well as bringing opportunities to involve French- and Dutch-speaking experts in our growing faculty of instructors and coaches.

European healthcare faces many challenges – including a growing and ageing population, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and a shortage of skilled healthcare workers. But it also has an unprecedented opportunity to exploit the latest advances in digital technologies and design thinking to deliver better health outcomes and a more responsive patient experience. IHLM’s expanding portfolio of specialised programmes enable hospitals and health systems to overcome these challenges and exploit these opportunities by transforming the skills, knowledge and performance of their greatest asset: their people.

We are very excited to be working with THE Institute to make our online, blended and in-person programmes available to more healthcare leaders and managers than ever before and to developing new learning experiences that address their ever changing needs.

For further information contact:

Julie De Lentdecker, Managing Consultant, THE Institute vzw, Ezelstraat 69, 8000 Brugge, Belgium, +32 (50) 33 33 39, julie.de.lentdecker@t-h-e-institute.org

Benedict Stanberry, Principal, IHLM, Oxford Centre for Innovation, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1BY, Oxford, UK, benedict.stanberry@ihlm.org


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