World Health Worker Week

Did you know that this week has been World Health Worker Week? Unfortunately, despite being networked with many thousands of healthcare staff across the world neither I, nor any of my colleagues here at IHLM, heard any mention of it.  No one posted about it in our Linkedin feeds or mentioned it in the many emails that arrived in our inboxes this week. 😥

It is shame that this important event – organised by the Frontline Health Workers Coalition, the World Health Organisation and other partners – did not receive more publicity.  As we were reminded during the global Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s 59 million healthcare workers are one of the most valuable resources our planet has.  Their sacrifices must be better recognised, their voices must be better heard, their health and safety better protected, and their needs better met.

Another reason we, at IHLM, were sad not to be able to organise our own events over the last week was because this year’s theme – “Build the Health Workforce Back Better” – is one that is very strongly aligned with our own mission to help transform the competencies and capabilities of the healthcare workforce and, in so doing, support improved health outcomes.

We shall certainly make sure that, this time next year, we organise a number of activities to support this important week.  But, for now, one small and immediate contribution we can make is to offer a 20% discount on all our upcoming online courses for registrations received over the next three days.

To claim 20% off an IHLM online programme simply register and make payment using the discount code WHWWeek2022 before midnight this Sunday.

– Benedict Stanberry

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