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There have never been more demands placed upon healthcare organisations than there are today. Populations are growing and ageing. Chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent. Patient expectations are rising.

Healthcare leaders and managers face daunting strategic and operational challenges and need specific skills and capabilities in order to overcome them. But because healthcare is such a specialised field, generic business training courses rarely meet their needs.

IHLM therefore combines established management theories with newly published, evidence-based research to create content that is specific to the healthcare context. We deliver it in ways that are both emotionally engaging and immediately practical – empowering participants to transform their team or organisation’s performance, as well as their personal impact, from the moment they leave the classroom.

Programme Members

IHLM works with leaders at every level – from frontline leaders working at the bedside, all the way up to the boardroom, and beyond. We work across the entire breadth of healthcare provision – in primary, secondary and tertiary care – in both the public and the private sectors – and with organisations both big and small. Our programme members are overwhelmingly positive about the impact their learning experience has on them and on their organisation.

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Our Faculty

The right educator is essential to transforming the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. IHLM faculty members are not only genuine healthcare thought-leaders, but also understand the cultures and contexts in which they educate – enabling them to collaborate closely with clients and programme members to deliver relevant, customised and specialised learning that has genuine impact. They all have extensive experience gained in senior healthcare leadership roles around the world and are skilled teachers, coaches and facilitators.


IHLM’s open programmes take place at venues around the world – delivering practical skills and knowledge locally. Custom programmes take place whenever and wherever our client organisations choose. Some clients have their own excellent training facilities, but many elect to use external facilities to assure that programme members can focus on developing their management expertise and leadership skills without any workplace distractions.


Custom Programmes

Every year, IHLM works with clients in both the pubic and private sectors to design and deliver custom programmes that are tailored to their exact needs.

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    October 18, 2023

    Pretty much everyone working in business or management has heard of the MBA degree. However, few healthcare leaders have the time, money or need for such a lengthy and expensive programme.

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    September 8, 2022

    IHLM is deeply saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was patron of more than 600 charities, many of them in the field of health and medical care.