Patient Safety Consultant, KB Patient Safety, UK

Kate Beaumont is a British patient safety specialist with over 25 years experience in senior patient safety leadership roles, both national and international, and over 15 years experience as an accredited patient safety trainer.

Kate began her career as a senior nurse in some of London’s busiest and most specialised intensive care units, before moving into patient safety and risk management. For eight years she was the Head of Patient Safety with England’s National Patient Safety Agency where she led numerous programmes addressing vital issues such as patient deterioration and helped lead the three year ‘Patient Safety First’ campaign. She was also the Agency’s international lead in programmes undertaken jointly with the World Health Organisation and the US-based Joint Commission International. In addition to her extensive experience in healthcare organisations, Kate spent several years with the forensic healthcare team at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a consultancy.

Enthusiastic and unwavering in her drive for safe, high quality, compassionate patient care, Kate is today a specialist in patient safety, in which capacity she advises the Care Quality Commission – the body that regulates, inspects and accredits healthcare providers in England.

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