Dr Amena


Consultant Advisor, National Health Regulatory Authority, Bahrain

Dr Amena Malik is the Consultant Advisor in Medical Regulation at the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) of Bahrain. She is a solutions-driven physician with a career-long interest in healthcare quality and performance improvement on a national scale. She has a broad background in public health complemented by extensive international work experience, cultural awareness and participation in global health initiatives.

Dr Malik has been instrumental in the successful implementation of Bahrain’s national accreditation program and has played a key role in the strategic planning, program development and evaluation, project oversight and performance improvement of the Authority as a whole.

Dr Malik has led and facilitated cross-functional process improvement projects in clinical areas to help develop and implement sustainable change to improve clinical outcome metrics. She has experience in launching PDSA improvement models to evaluate workflow changes, some of which have led to a 100% decrease in device associated infections and therefore reductions in costs for hospitals. Dr Malik also has experience in developing and refining clinical, operational protocols and clinical policies and has on numerous occasions created new procedural guidelines and amended existing protocols to drive data-driven decision making.

Dr Malik is the head of the Quality Committee at NHRA, an active member of the Continuous Medical Education Committee and a member of the National Quality Committee at the Supreme Council of Health. For the past three years she has been responsible for creating and publishing the NHRA’s Annual Report and other publications. Her drive for continuous improvement has led her to pursing an Executive MBA at the world-ranked Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and being awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Public Health in the UK in 2020.

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